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Turning back your age with AGEKEY

Age Key Cream 30ml

Amino Acid Complex

17 different essential amino acids
& indispensible amino acids
keep the skin moisturized.

Peptide Complex

7 Peptide Complexes vitalize
the tired skin to be firmed.

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
Lens Esculenta
(Lentil) Fruit Extract

Leaf and Fruit extracts make the skin
soft and keep healthy.

AGEKEY Mechanism

Covering the wrinkles on the skin applied with powder typed active ingredients processed by fine particles.

10 second wrinkle removal

> Detail

* Tested with 60-year-old females, applied on fine lines on the eyes, brow, and nasolabial fold.
* After application on the skin, the instant wrinkle care effects were reported.
(it may show different effects depending on the skin condition)

Lasts “SIX hours” and More with single application

> Detail

* Reapplying on the make up areas makes the wrinkle free effects last longer.
* When to use on the make up areas, fix the make up after the cream is absorbed into the skin.

Skin Irritation Index 0.00

> Detail

* Judged to be unstimulated by human body application test
result at OATC Skin Clinical Experiment Center, a state authorized clinical institute.